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A cloud-based and centralized solution for controlling public transport vehicles, status, signage and exclamation.

This is what you get:

Cloud based

A cloud-based and centralized solution for controlling public transport vehicles, status, signage and exclamation.

Digital twin

The product creates a digital twin of the area concerned. The model is cloud-based and fed with real-time data, from both IoT sensors, operating systems and open sources. The flowed data is processed in a second, refined and then returned to devices and apps connected to vehicles, stops, drivers and passengers.


The solution contains a central administration interface, for immediate overview of vehicles in traffic and ongoing signage and exclamation. The interface also offers control and follow-up/analysis of results.

Off the shelf

The solution is designed to be applied to “off the shelf” products. It makes it easy and cost effective. The hardware is managed and owned by PTA / PTO, but the control is done via the Gaia PT administration interface.

Todays solutions

To create customer value through digital solutions when you lack a good base is difficult. Without relevant data that is easy to work with and to adapt to, creating new functions is a true challenge. The traditional solutions within Public Transport have a history of expensive hardware in the vehicles that require exports of data export to be updated. With such solutions it is hard to create cool digital experiences for our customers.

Why gaia public transport?

Would you like to offer your passengers more than usual? Every customer should have an experience that perfectly matches their journey and needs. People have higher and higher demands of accessibility and updated information. To be able to serve our customers, we believe that the cloud gives you a lot of new possibilities. We need to handle huge amounts of real-time data an act on it in seconds if we would like to be relevant to our customers.

How it works.

Real time flow

You get the opportunity to flow and process real-time data from different sources and then make them relevant for those who need the information. You get the chance to create solutions such as a stop button in your mobile, check-in on a trip, information about refill buses and other more crazy ideas.

But, first...

BUT first, you need to make sure to have a platform that can handle huge amounts of flowing data, which is super-fast when it comes to data processing and which can make information available along given situations and positions.

That's exactly what Gaia Public Transport is:

A public transport communication system that handles real-time data in a way that you probably didn’t think was possible, which is easy to integrate with and which ingests data from both public open data access points and from private on-prem systems. In real-time, logic and rules are applied to the data in a digital twin model in the cloud in order to control apps, call-outs, and signs for passengers, vehicles and stops at the edge. Everything is logged, both in the cloud and at the edge which makes all actions and events verifiable but also enables further advanced analysis for making predictions and automated fault preventions.
In Sweden GPT can use TrafikLab (an open data access point) as a data souce. TrafikLab features APIs that makes transportation data available in GTFS real-time format but GPT is also able to use data from on-prem data sources that makes data available in Transmodel-based formats such as NOPTIS in the Nordics.

Fredrik Knutsson - Gaia, CTO

Fredrik is one of the creators behind Gaia Public Transport and has worked with the solution since 2013.

Fredrik answers some of the questions

What is unique with Gaia Public Transport?

We make signage and call-outs in vehicles measurable. Signage and call-outs are today managed by autonomous systems in the vehicles. How to find out if the solution works today? Get on that bus and take notes!

How much work to get started?

Our solution is completely based on open data from the public transportation access point; TrafikLab. If already sharing traffic data on TrafikLab the threshold and effort to get started is minimal. Hardware for the vehicles to transfer information is however needed.

I have heard about drivers support, please tell me more

We will offer updated information about the vehicle and its status as well as information about the current/logged-on rout; e.g time versus schedule, when to depart from a certain stop. Furthermore it should also serve as a map and navigation support with integrated traffic information to be able to monitor the route.

For whom is Gaia Public Transport for?

For anyone that operates some kind of passenger traffic; PTA’s, operators and county councils/regions working with traffic planning or operations. And obviously it is also for the traveller. The traveller’s experience is the centre in our solution.

Information to the units is transferred through our distribution system. The units act on the information received and everything is logged at all times. Thereby the entire flow is measurable and verifiable.

An important component is Device Management allowing us to monitor, update and connect units to the vehicle fleet. All units are constantly connected to our central system in the cloud and we are immediately notified if a unit has lost the connection.

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